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Gaoqiao Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park goes into operation
Date: 2017-6-17 8:40:38
    On the morning of October 27th, Gaoqiao Street Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park was filled with song flying and flags fluttering. The relocation ceremony of Frog Pump Co., Ltd. was held here, marking Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park to achieve the goal "land acquisition, demolition, output".
    Frog Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional production of deep well pump enterprises with 28 years’ history. "Frog" deep well pump is greatly popular in the country, whose brand has been the first national sales for ten consecutive years. "Frog" brand has won the "Zhejiang famous brand products"、"China Famous Brand" and other honors. Its production can be found all over Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions. At the same time, "Frog" trademark is registered in more than 60 countries around the world. Enterprise owner Jin Junhua is from Huangyan, and he’d like to return to Huangyan for development more than a decade because there was no place to build in Huangyan, while the original enterprises was in Daxi, Wenling.
    Gaoqiao subdistrict took the initiative to communicate actively with business owner when they knew this situation, contacted details about favorable geographical location and road traffic and other advantages of the industrial area to attract enterprises. After making many efforts, true feelings of the subdistrict and good geographic location, caught the interest of Jin Junhua. He finally decided to build the company in Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park, and successfully got a 39 acres land.
    In the process of building enterprises, the subdistrict took track management to construction, pre-construction projects, coordinating services well in order to offer a good and harmonious investment environment. Also coordinate actively with related departments to help solve specific problems and difficulties and ensure the smooth construction in the presence of the project construction process. Efforts of true feelings and high quality service attracted customers into, stay and development. Frog pump successfully achieved the original target of "a year to get land approval, two years to complete the construction, three years to have the full migration".
    It is understood that Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park is on the low slope terrain. There are 621 acres of the total land for the first phase, of which 382 acres belong to industrial land area. Thirty-seven enterprises have been built in the production, mainly on the plastic mold,  mechanical manufacture, craft gift, printing and so on. Entered enterprises began to construct the second half of 2011. It is expected to invest about 320 million yuan for budget fund. Furthermore, the enterprises will achieve annual industrial output value of 700 million yuan after they are put into operation, and pay taxes nearly 50 million yuan, becoming an important platform to promote Gaoqiao’s economic and social development.
Next, the subdistrict plans to build the second phase industrial park is more than 300 acres sloping land in Lianfengtang Village and Aokou Village, further revitalize the idle land and effectively alleviate the tension in corporate land, and enhance tax capacity and economic efficiency which makes economic development into new vitality.