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Huangyan Gaoqiao Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park: a form of "vacating cage to change bird" breaks the dilemma, enterprises have a operating rate of up to 100 %
Date: 2017-6-17 8:42:51
   To the problem that t capacity utilization of the enterprises was low for a long time in Gaoqiao Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park, Huangyan government introduced policies to allocate land resources to more needed enterprises in the way of "vacating cage to change bird". At the same time, develop the infrastructures for the blockage vigorously, which greatly improved the initiative of enterprises.
    Frog Pump Industry Co., Ltd. ranks first of deep well pumps sales in the domestic enterprises. The owner is from Huangyan, and he’d like to return to Huangyan for development more than a decade. The measure of "vacating cage to change bird" in Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park caught his attention.
    Jin Junhua,chairman of Frog pump, said, ‘I heard about 104 National Road through here, the power has been implemented and the water plant began construction. As can be seen from the variety of supporting facilities, the intensity of the development zone is pretty large. We saw quite a few blueprints in this area, and finally decided to buy land here.
    In the end, the enterprise got 39 acres of land in Gaoqiao Lianfeng Luoyu Industrial Park. In August 2015, it formally was put into production. For its running well, Frog pump is currently the most productive enterprise in this industrial park so far, expected to reach output of 150 million yuan this year. Like Frog Pump, eight companies had been able to get their land in the form of "vacating cage to change bird" and started construction quickly.
He Wenbiao, director of Economic Service Center of Huangyan Economic Development Zone, thought "by the new policy to encourage some enterprises which are in no rush to build and save the chance for others who are in urgent need of land use to come in ,through the form of “vacating cage to change bird”. At the meanwhile, our government introduce relevant policies in matching fees and other aspects to let them in. It helps to revitalize the land of whole block ".
    When the form is well implemented, Huangyan Economic Development Zone gives great promotion to the building of infrastructures, and the total investment is more than 50 million yuan, completing engineering constructions including mountain slope governance, spillways, bridges, road pavement hardening and so on. In addition, a boosting pump station will be built up for water supply to meet the production demand. With the gradual improvement of the infrastructure, the initiative of enterprises has been greatly improved. Up to now, the 38 companies in the block have all started construction, and 35 of which can be put into operation this year. It is expected that the total production value of the block can reach 700 million this year.